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i have just logged into this account for the first time in about a year, & i'm surprised to see how many of you are still watching! please, if it's graphics you're after, head over to takenorogues 




well, it seems, ladies & gents, that i've finally got my ass into gear & switched! (yay!)
i have created a new journal (

fineromance) - feel free to friend it but i don't know what i'm doing with it quite yet (for those of you who want my personal journal... _jazzfairy)

all graphics will be posted to




this is a member only community. you can join the community/friend the community, but you will not be able to post (well, yeah, obviously). i have switched my posts from here over there & locked them, so you have to go there to see them once i've deleted them from here. all new graphics will be posted as public for one week & then locked so only members may view.

thank you to all of you who have continued to support me. while i have less time to make graphics now, what i do make is a lot better than what i used to. i have a new batch coming up this weekend!